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Industry Experience

Industry Expertise

•Advertising •Automotive •Banking •Beverages •Boating •Business to Business •Communications •Construction •Credit Cards •Education •Entertainment/Media •Finance •Food •Government Agencies •Grocery Chains •Healthcare •Insurance •Juvenile Marketing •Legal/Mock Trials •Manufacturing •Not for Profit •Online •Packaged Goods •Pet Products •Pharmaceuticals •Public Relations •Public relations •Publishing •Restaurant Industry •Retail •Recreation •Technology •Telecommunications •Transportation •Travel & Tourism •Utilities


Baltimore Research offers a full range of investigative methods customized to the healthcare market. With current and sophisticated methods, we deliver actionable insights and clarity to your research problem. While we work nationally, the Baltimore market itself is the leading central hub for medical and healthcare research studies, with more than 30 hospitals in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Industry Expertise: •Health Systems •Pharmaceuticals •Medical Devices •Primary & Specialty Care •Medical Insurance •Long Term Care •Hospice Care 360 Degree Focus: •Patients •Healthcare Professionals •Support Staff •Administrators •Payers •Key Opinion Leaders •Low Health Literacy
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Jury Research

Baltimore Research has significant expertise in managing the unique requirements of Mock Jury research.

Highlights: •Diverse pool of more than 150,000 Maryland residents •All socio-economic levels represented •Local, state and federal case experience •Perception Analyzer Dials for anonymous audience response polling & moment-to-moment attitudinal tracking •Two 40 x 20 presentation rooms with 65+ theater style seating •Five modular, state-of-the-art research studios for breakout sessions •Large viewing rooms & ample client lounges to accommodate large legal teams •Project management experienced in jury research
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Recruiting Services

Recruiting Services

Skilled recruiting is the foundation of effective research. Baltimore Research dedicates unparalleled attention to the process through fierce panel management, stringent quality control protocols, acute attention to detail and a heavy dose of creativity.

Highlights: •National Coverage •24-Hour Recruiting •Deep Consumer Profiling •Patient Profiling for more than 160 health conditions & surgical procedures

Difficult to Reach Targets: •Low incidence •Financial Subsets •B2B •Healthcare Professionals •Patients •Government & KOL •Children •Hispanic/Latino •Other Minorities

Recruitment Area

Each project is different and so is our recruitment solution. Our consulting team advises on our recruiting reach on a project-by-project basis, taking into in consideration factors such as methodology, timing, demographic, topic and incentive offered. So please do accept this as an invitation to contact us for a chat so we can give you the most accurate indication of how we can support your project success. For your immediate convenience, please download our zip codes for our recruiting market to give you an idea of the areas in which we typically recruit. DOWNLOAD

Research Solutions

Market Research Services

Baltimore Research is an innovation-driven, full-service marketing research firm and focus facility offering a dynamic portfolio of online and offline research services. As a national leader in qualitative and quantitative market research services, Baltimore Research engages in a variety of conventional as well as cutting edge methodologies. Our team has the experience to maneuver effortlessly across healthcare, business-to-business and consumer research projects.

Research Toolkit

Qualitative: •focus groups •depth interviews •teledepths •online bulletin board focus groups •live online focus groups •usability testing •social listening Quantitative: •internet surveys •telephone survey •direct mail surveys •central location sensory/taste testing Ethnographic: in home shop-a-longs workplace observation Hybrid: •dial and audience response testing •mobile research •mock juries

Insight Expertise

•Ad/Message Testing •Attitudinal Research •Brand & Category Analysis •Competitive Analysis •Consumer Motives •Customer Satisfaction •Feasibility Research •Human Resource Issues •Ideation •Mock Juries •New Product Development •Political Research •Package Design Testing •Product Positioning •Public Opinion Polls •Segmentation Research •Usability Studies

Field Management

Field Management

Take the pain out of managing your multi-market studies and let Baltimore Research handle all project logistics. Baltimore Research has the expertise and know-how to manage your qualitative research nationally. Let us take the burden of scheduling the focus group facilities, sourcing competitive bids, managing the schedule, drafting screeners and spearheading the entire recruitment process. By utilizing our field management services, you are free to focus on the research content and really shine for your clients. One phone call, one point of contact, one seamless research process.

Technology Solutions

Technologies Solutions

Inspired by innovation and obsessed with truth seeking, Baltimore Research infuses the latest cutting edge resources with tried and tested research methods to drive actionable insights efficiently and effectively.

  • HD Video Streaming
  • SmartSuite - Fully immersive intelligence system. Powered by Owllabs.
  • Dials by Schlesinger - Peception Analyzer
  • Research Labs; EEG, Facial Coding, Eye Tracking, Usability Testing, Integrated Emotional & Behavioral Measures.
  • Bulletin Board Focus Groups
  • Virtual IDI's & Focus Groups
  • Online Surveys
  • Mobile Data Collection Tools
  • Fiber-Optic Wifi (150mbps/150mbps)
Contact us today on how we can help enhance your insight needs.

Usability Labs with Eye Tracking

Keep your usability research on the cutting edge with MobiLAB™. MobiLAB™ is a portable lab that is used in testing interactive products, such as websites, kiosks, video games, store displays, software, automated voice response systems, etc. The lab uses a set of noninvasive, discretely placed cameras that will encapsulate not only the verbatim, but also close-ups of the interfaces, facial expressions, and interaction with the device or product. These professionally produced picture in picture video is all edited onto a summary video for review or presentation.

MobiLAB™ PC is a PC based usability lab that is designed specifically 
to support the testing of websites and software related products. 
Utilizing Morae™ screen capture software, it allows clients to clearly 
observe and evaluate user testing.

Dials by Schlesinger - Perception Analyzer

We have developed a hybrid methodology that allows for the simultaneous collection and analysis of projectable quantitative data, in depth qualitative research insight, and non-verbal emotional reactions. Survey data can be collected anonymously and efficiently from respondents. Based on the real time, segmented survey results, select respondents are immediately chosen for follow up focus groups. Versatile Solutions:

  • Rational Attitudes
  • Emotional Response
  • Rank Ordering
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Moment-to-Moment Tracking
  • Shorter research process
  • Deeper learning
  • Real time results
  • Portability
  • Greater interactivity
  • Anonymity
  • Overcomes groupthink
  • Leads to more targeted probing

Bulletin Board Focus Groups

Sometimes face to face research in a focus group facility is not ideal and sometimes it is just not possible. That’s why Baltimore Research offers our virtual facility with a full complement of online qualitative research services.

Bulletin Board Focus Groups (BBFGs) are online discussion boards where participants log in at their convenience over a period of several days to collaborate on a topic. Maybe you are discussing a consumer experience that is unfolding in the real world over time. Perhaps you want your respondents to complete online exercises independently but discuss their feedback as a group. Or possibly you need to gauge how attitudes change based on experiences over time. Additionally, BBFGs allow for greater respondent anonymity while still maintaining the synergy of a group dynamic. Find out how we can tackle these unique research problems with Bulletin Board Focus Groups.

Support Services

HD Video Streaming

If travel is a problem, budgets are tight or your stakeholders are spread in multiple locations, Baltimore Research has a number of solutions to bring the qualitative research to you live. With video streaming, your team may watch from the comfort of your own offices or homes and it allows viewers in different locations to communicate with one another privately in a virtual backroom. These services greatly speed up project turnover, as well as save precious costs and time spent on travel.

Transcription & Notetaking

Baltimore Research a Schlesinger Compay, provides transcription of focus groups, in-depth interviews or any other kind of qualitative study. Quite simply, we deliver a fast service with precision results. For transcription and note taking needs, simply email us at: For Any Qualitative Methodology
We provide transcription or notes for focus groups, IDIs , telephone interviews or any other qualitative method. We transcribe equally for non-Schlesinger studies under any topic you can research. Accelerated, Seamless Process
We manage your data transcription directly from any Schlesinger facility or from audio files sent to us. Our transcribers will be ready to start work immediately. Transcription Quality Guaranteed
Before we deliver your transcript, each file is quality checked for accuracy and consistency. Our team is fully US based and prepared to deliver your completed project in about two business days. Our Standard Format You receive your research transcripts in’ Standard Verbatim’ format. We lightly clean up the dialogue for you, to remove ‘thinking noises’ such as “um,” “ah,” “uh“ or stutters to provide you with an accurate transcript with increased readability. SEE SAMPLE. Other formats are available upon request for an additional fee. ENHANCE YOUR TRANSCRIPTIONS Speaker IDs: We can indicate the first name of each participant as they speak throughout the entire document. SEE SAMPLE Timestamps: We can add timestamps throughout your transcript at 3, 5 or 10-minute intervals. SEE SAMPLE Transcript Highlighting: No need to trudge through pages of transcripts to pinpoint keywords or phrases. Let us do that for you. SEE SAMPLE Word Clouds: A representation of the most discussed terms in a study, adding visual impact to your presentation. SEE SAMPLE NOTETAKING If you do not require full transcripts, we offer note-taking services from your audio recordings providing a non-verbatim, abridged account of your research. SEE SAMPLE


There are many research situations that require a more advanced A/V solution than stationary video can provide:

  • Major presentations where video with higher production value is desirable
  • Unique facility set-ups such as consumer directs, in store mockups or interactive multi station research
  • In field ethnographies
Our professional videographers will handle the logistics of your shoot for you, edit the content and deliver an expertly produced product. Ask us how professional videography can improve your research outcome.


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