Why Baltimore?

Baltimore is a world class city for marketing research. Baltimore Research is ideally located to interface with any audience desired. Baltimore, Maryland is a national leader in the healthcare sector, making it a haven for pharmaceutical or healthcare research. However, Baltimore also is populated by a nationally representative demographic for any type of consumer research studies. Whether quantitative research or qualitative research is your answer, Baltimore is perfectly situated to meet your needs.

Our traffic patterns are far less complex than other large metropolitan areas.  This gives us access to the demographics of the entire metropolitan area stretching from Southern Pennsylvania to the northern outposts of the District of Columbia.  Baltimore has a wealth of entertainment venues, great eateries, and the broadest scope of general public demographics. With access to 2.6 million people from all walks of life in the Baltimore Metro Area, we can help you interface with any audience. Baltimore is home to over three quarters of a million African Americans and  more than 200,000 other minority individuals.

We have a highly competitive hospital environment (over 30) and virtually every physician specialty at our disposal. Two of the top medical teaching institutions in the country (Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland) are located in Baltimore. About 300,000 people are employed in healthcare in our market.  This includes 15,000 physicians, 4,000 dentists, 55,000 nurses and 5,000 pharmacists. With such a deep base of healthcare professionals, Baltimore is a leading hub for medical and healthcare research studies.

On the other hand , with over 300,000 people employed in retail and more than a half million small businesses operating in Maryland, Baltimore is also a prime location to find the pulse of the consumer. Baltimore is ideal for juvenile research as well, with more than 300,000 households with children under 18.

With so much research opportunity and entertainment value, take your next research venture to Charm City.