Online Research

Sometimes face-to-face research in a focus group facility is not ideal and sometimes it is just not possible.  Maybe you are targeting patients with mobility issues? Consumers with a rare disease?  Perhaps you need C-Suite executives that just can’t afford to leave their offices for an in-person session?  Do you need a national mix and don’t have the travel budget to hit multiple markets?  That’s why Baltimore Research offers our virtual facility with a full complement of online research services.

Baltimore Research proudly offers SurgeSuite™ for your live online research needs.  Using webcams to bring a group of up to eight respondents together, Baltimore Research is able to create a facility-like experience in a virtual space that delivers the same functionality of in-person research.   SurgeSuite™ is user-friendly and we provide everything you need to make the project a success, including the cameras, training, platform and support.  Ensuring the back-room experience isn’t lost by allowing several “client” viewers to login and view stimuli while remaining “invisible” to respondents, it is easy to share multi-media stimulus with the entire group.   In addition to a virtual Qualitative Assistant, we offer live technical support for the length of your sessions.  Real-time video capture and a back-up hard copy recording are also part of the SurgeSuite™ package.