Baltimore Research helps its clients analyze the healthcare market from many angles. Baltimore Research offers a full range of investigative methods and a proprietary database with more than 30,000 physicians, nurses, surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, hospital administrators and other healthcare professionals.  Additionally, we track 150+ disease states and medical procedures in our patient panel of more than 100,000.

With current and sophisticated methods, we deliver actionable insights and clarity to your research problem.
Baltimore Research is the leading central hub for medical and healthcare research studies, with more than 30 hospitals in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Baltimore Research offers a variety of research solutions to meet your needs:

• Ethnography
• Online Surveys
• Telephone Interviews
• In-person Depth Interviews
• In Person & Virtual Focus Groups
• Bulletin Board Focus Groups
• Hybrid Methodologies
• Respondent Recruiting
• Field Management

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