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Baltimore’s Next Mayor Must Possess Varied Path to Ensure Solid Future

Post by: Dan Weller

The latest Baltimore Sun polls have Catherine Pugh as the leader in a Baltimore City mayoral race; a race that is hotly contested and seemingly has a candidate for everyone. From a young political activist who sees a city with a need for a unified voice, to a seasoned veteran state senator who has built a reputation for being “on the front lines,” this election certainly doesn’t lack for a diversified candidate pool. But who do voters want to see in office? What are the values and experiences that a mayoral hopeful will need to be elected and to thrive in the position for a city with a storied and sometimes dubious history?

Love & Conferences

I was never very good at dating. I was self-conscious, which would take my focus away from the conversation so I would seem dim and vapid. The fact that I am married to a beautiful woman with a heart of gold has more to do with luck and cheap beer than it does with my “game” out in the dating scene. The reason I bring this up is a recent epiphany I had at the Quirk’s event in Brooklyn. This event (like so many industry conferences) is a lot like a singles bar on a very large scale.

Baltimore Residents’ Respond Warmly to Snowmageddon 2016

While the political races - both local and national- were heating up, we were chilled down immensely a few weeks ago with the blizzard of 2016. In a small departure from our ongoing politically-focused survey, Baltimore Research wanted to ask our panel about their experience with Snowmageddon and their opinions of Baltimore’s ability to handle such a big storm.

PoliTrend Tracker Reveals City Council in Crosshairs of Public Scrutiny

The year 2015 ended with news of the potential for a shake-up within the esteemed Baltimore City Council. We felt this would be a great place to start to gauge how involved and interested our potential voters are in their city and the bodies that govern her. They did not disappoint!

Familiarity Breeds a ‘No’ Vote

Maryland is in the unique position of having presidential hopefuls within both party primaries. We were curious to see if our local voters’ opinions would be skewed by having a local figure on each side of the aisle during the early stages of the presidential race. It seems this is not the case at least according to our poll.

The New Year’s Prep List

Re-entry is hard. Astronauts will tell you. Adults returning to school will tell you. Preschool teachers will tell you every Monday. There is something about going back to something (no matter how much you love it) that is difficult after a hiatus.

The Holiday Survival Guide in Ten Simple Steps

After 38 years, I have learned very little about the holiday season. The few lessons I have taken away, however, are very useful. It is in the spirit of holiday generosity and giving that I share them with you now.

PoliTrend Tracker Reveals Complex Issues at Play in Baltimore Mayoral Race

We wanted to focus on Sheila Dixon in this most recent poll because the last survey had her as the runaway leader in the race for Mayor. Since she left her office amidst scandal, we wanted to see if that still mattered to voters who are over six years removed from the events of 2009.

The Latest PoliTrend Tracker Results Are In

After one week of closely watching responses to our poll, one thing is for certain; the people of Baltimore are not waiting until next year to begin thinking about their city’s mayoral election.

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